We Protect Your Brand.

Serving clients in North Africa & the Middle East region since 2008

Protect annual revenues & profits

by raising client awareness for grey market or counterfeit goods and reducing false warranty and customer service claims.

greater protection with minimal costs

by identifying high-priority brand abuse, customizing pin point technique & anti-counterfeit solutions.

Rebuild your brand confidence

by warning customers away from Counterfeit attempts, through the Secure Print™ Trusted Brand Broadcast System®.

prevent brand reputation erosion

by defending against false association and impersonation in the market, online stores, and social media sites.

Anti Counterfeit Solutions

Protect the Brand equity & Customer loyalty you've built in years.

We Protect Your Investment

Secure Print™ preserves marketing investments, customer trust and revenues by assisting in the elimination of confusing and potentially fraudulent use of your brand. Using patented technology to continuously protect more Valued Documents & Merchandise than any other solution, it safeguards brand equity, marketing investments, revenue and reputation from a wide range of brand abuse: unauthorized copiescounterfeit and grey market sales, false associationbrand impersonationforgery and many other threats

It takes Years to Build a Reputable Brand

yet they’re highly vulnerable to counterfeit attacks which can severely undermine marketing investments while putting brand reputation, customer trust and revenues at risk.

Our Clients Feedback

  • Our field in the cosmetics & beauty industry requires very strict quality control and testing process, any counterfeited product labeled with our brand is a great threat, Secure Print™ always were step ahead of counterfeiters

    Omar El-Bahey, CEO, LANA
  • When it comes to anti-counterfeiting "Trust" is the main issue. It was the 2006 CAF® African Cup of Nations when we started using Secure Print™ services. They still have our Trust ...Congratulations!

    Tarek El-Deeb, Services & IT Deputy Director, CAF
  • We faced some serious problems with counterfeited goods with our brand printed on, this was affecting our reputation and integrity with clients, all ends now ...thanks to our partners in Secure Print™

    Assem El-Torky, CEO, GAMEVALLEY®

Now you can minimize these counterfeit attacks significant, negative impacts

Marketing ROI (Return On Investment) goes negative. Millions in revenues are forfeited. Warranty, service and other costs rise for legitimate brand owners. And, left unchecked, just a few brand attacks can permanently tarnish a brand’s integrity.

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