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Secure Print™ is aware that ticket security is a growing concern among our event ticket and Gift Certificates customers. For this reason, Secure Print™ is constantly working to develop new security measures to make your event and raffle tickets harder to duplicate. This page contains descriptions of some of the current security and anti-fraud measures available.

  • Holographic Security
    For increased security and fraud prevention, you can choose to have a hologram placed on the face of each ticket.
    The hologram is tamper evident and is placed directly on the perforation on the face of the ticket.
    Available for General Admission Tickets, Raffle Tickets, Custom Tickets, Gift Certificates, VIP Passes, Gift Cards, and most Design Your Own configurations.
  • Glossmarks
    For increased fraud prevention and security, you can choose to have glossmarks applied to the back of each ticket.
    The glossmarks are clear but can be verified visually by just moving the ticket.
  • UV Security
    For fraud prevention and security, we have UV Security Paper to ensure your tickets cannot be copied.
    Our UV Security paper has invisible ink which can only be seen when viewed under a black light, making it simple and fast to validate tickets.
    The invisible ink will not affect images or text on your ticket when viewed under natural light.
  • Unique Barcode and Number
    Each ticket may includes a unique barcode and number printed on the back of the ticket stub.
    The barcode can be scanned by the vast majority of barcode scanners.
    For fraud prevention purposes, the barcode and unique number cannot be removed.
  • Micro-Text
    Each item has standard security microtext printed on.
    Security microtext is extremely small, and in almost all cases, will not be legible when copied.
  • Heat Sensitive Security Paper
    Our heat sensitive security paper has printing on one side of the ticket that is sensitive to heat.
    Simply hold the printed ticket in your hand or rub it to warm up the paper and the ink changes color, verifying the authenticity of the ticket.

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