About Project:

Secure Print™ is a Region’s leading supplier of identity documents and associated issuing systems. Our identity document solutions draw upon our experience and understanding of the complete identification document issuance environment.

Secure Print™ designs and produces identity cards, membership and voter’s cards that are aesthetically-pleasing, robust and durable and that also include all the necessary multi-level security features to provide protection against counterfeit and fraud.

Our identity card solutions include:

  • Membership identity cards
  • Banking
  • Insurance ID cards
  • eID cards

An electronic identity card (eID) holds biometric data on an embedded chip, providing additional security and strong verification of the holder.

The electronic functionality of the chip enables; electronic identification, authentication, digital signature, and the close binding of identity and entitlement, going beyond simple face to face identification of the holder and supporting your eGovernment initiatives.

An eID solution delivers an additional layer of protection against counterfeit and fraud compared to standard identity cards, while also addressing concerns of privacy and confidentiality - providing improved levels of security whilst allowing its holder easier access to services.

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