Counterfeit Letters of Guarantee worth 40 Millions

Egyptian Ministry of Interior officers were able to catch the formation of counterfeiters specializes in frauding Bank's letters of guarantee in order to promote the companies and people who want to contract with state-owned companies through tenders and auctions, in possession (30) Letter of counterfeit Guarantee worth (40) million pounds was liberated report on the incident and referred by Maj. Gen. Abdul lateef Assistant Interior Minister for Security Manager to the General Prosecutor's Office, which began an investigation.
Maj. Gen. Mahmoud Farouk Criminal Investigation Director Giza received a tip from some banks against officials of one of the industrial companies to submit their letters of guarantee issued to the level of those banks as collateral for its participation in several tenders for a limited supply of some spare parts and make repairs at power stations, and found forged.
Inquiries combat embezzlement management officers and damage to public property and resulted in the commission of those behind the incident are: Ahmed. M. P - 45 years and Ihab. M. G - 43 years.

Where the second supply the first empty publications for banks, which first used in the synthesis of letters of guarantee issued to the level of those banks and promote some of the construction companies for submission in government tenders, and in return they get a percentage of the value of those letters.
Following the legalization procedures were seized two defendants, and searched the house found the first (30) Letter of false assurance, and 17 photocopy forged letters of guarantee issued to the level of some of the value of government-owned banks totaling 40 million pounds, the names of many of the companies for the benefit of various government sectors.
And 2 ink stamp to a national bank, a large amount of forged bank statements attributed to some national and foreign banks operating in the country and a large quantity of letters to publications a correct and free of data for use in fraud letters of guarantee major national banks.
And a computer, and a number of compact discs CD, screened showing they loaded with many of the files that contain the following:
- Photo letters of guarantee exact Portal payroll bank account and free data documents printed with the slogan of some banks and the signatures of his staff.
Confront the accused in front of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Cherkaoui Director General Administration of Investigation confessed criminal act.